UV Air Purifier Cleaner

Top Quality UV Air Purifier Cleaner Manufacturer

Guangzhou Tongzhou Technology Co., Limited has manufactured over 1000 effective UV air purifier cleaner machines. Close to 600 of these machines have been operating safely in laboratories, hospitals, doctors’ offices, clean rooms, food processing plants, commercial buildings, and residences throughout China and any place where clean air as a concern exists.

We are a clear leader in water treatment UV, Facial Machine, and UV air sterilization technology. We remain committed to offering the highest quality UV air purifier cleaner at a fair price.

Our Features as a UV Air Purifier Cleaner Manufacturer

We Thrived in COVID-19

Through all of the changes that have occurred in the world since our inception, we have not only survived, but thrived by evolving and growing in our capabilities and ability to provide our customers with the solution they require – not just the solution we have.

Diverse Product Manufacturer

Our ability to provide a diverse range of standard equipment, slightly modified versions of standard equipment; especially UV air cleaner devices. We custom equipment and fabricate them in-house, which distinguishes us and ensures that our customers can rely on us to provide insightful solutions to improve their processes with outstanding results.

Focus on Technology

Our focus as a UV air purifier cleaner manufacturer has always been on improved ultraviolet technology. Our goal is to provide high-quality ultraviolet equipment at a reasonable price. In our Indiana manufacturing facility, we have a full staff of engineers dedicated to UV technology.

Because of this, we can produce consistent, high-quality standard equipment. It also enables us to custom design and manufactures specialty equipment to our customers’ exact specifications – custom equipment that would take other UV air purifier manufacturing companies months to create and double their selling price.

Best Resources and Facilities

We’ve been engineering and manufacturing custom solutions for so long, and we’ve brought so much of that process into our facilities, so we’ve kept our ability to offer high-quality equipment at a reasonable price to all our customers.


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