Best Quality Cat Drinking Fountain

Best Quality Cat Drinking Fountain Manufacturer in China

Since our inception, we’ve been setting new standards in pet care by providing comprehensive solutions with cat drinking fountain machines along with other products and services. We chase quality and aim flawless delivery.

Features of Our Cat Drinking Fountain

Cat Drinking Fountain – The Upgraded Water Pump

Please remember to clean the pump every two weeks for the sake of your pets’ health. This latest pump is equipped with a one-of-a-kind motor technology that is ultra-quiet and consumes little power. Creating a sweet dream for your pet.

Blue Light Water Level Window

Our upgraded cat water fountain with LED light allows you to see the water level at a glance. It aids in the timely replenishment of the water dispenser. The blue LED light adds a beautiful glow to your home.

Triple Filtration System and Food-grade Material

The pet water fountain is made of food-grade materials, including PP resin and a stainless steel tray, making it safer and more durable than a plastic cat fountain. Three extra replacement filters are included to keep the water fresh and safe for human consumption.

Cat Drinking Fountain – Different Flow Designs

You can change the flow modes in our quality cat drinking by turning the flower cover or petals: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. Your pets prefer a free-falling stream to still water in a regular water bowl.

The uniqueness of Our Cat Drinking Fountain

Our cat drinking fountain has a motor that pushes filtered (triple filtered) water to the surface, free-falling streams that add oxygen for freshness, constant circulation that helps freshwater, and running water to the surface to encourage more picky drinkers to drink more from it.

So this is a more appealing way for them to get water, they’ll be healthier, have fewer urinary and kidney problems, and have a softer “coat”!

We have all the techniques and quality control procedures to ensure we make every Automatic Pet Food with quality and integrity. With the support of our integrity, we are heading in the right direction.


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