Top Leading Massage Gun Manufacturer In China

Guangzhou Tongzhou Technology Co., Ltd is a leading China massage gun manufacturer. Our quality-oriented machines with a world-class manufacturing facility make us one of the leading names in massage gun manufacturing companies.

Our Features as a Massage Gun Manufacturer

Professional Muscle Massage Gun:

Great for personal use as well as being one of the best massage guns for athletes, it is also ideal for physical therapists and chiropractors. You can easily massage your muscle groups and deep tissue with this percussive massage gun. It could also be nice massagers for relieving neck and back pain.

Specialty Massage Heads:

Interchangeable heads in a variety of shapes target specific muscle groups for faster recovery. It is simple and convenient to remove and affix massage heads in seconds, providing you with a variety of relaxing massage experiences.

2500mah long-life and fast-charging battery:

The 2400mah battery capacity means the high-torque brushless motor in this gun massager can be run for 3-8 hours continuously.

Different Adjustable Speed Levels:

When compared to other massagers, our handheld massage gun has a higher speed range of up to 3600 rpm. You can easily find the vibration amplitude that suits you best, whether its muscle relaxation after exercise or a daily body massage.

Easily and Quiet Handheld:

Our muscle massager gun makes use of cutting-edge noise-canceling technology. Furthermore, the IPL Hair Removal ensures that this product is both comfortable and simple to use.

Why Choose Us

Our Departments Work Hand in Hand

We are a high-tech enterprise Massage gun manufacturer that combines research and development, manufacturing, sales, and trade. We have a high research and development department, which can assist with 3D and other frame software with the best hardware equipment.

With many incorporate methods, such as product confirmation, product structure, mold testing, and production method, we make the developing process more efficient as an efficient Massage gun manufacturer.


We always chase quality. We believe only quality can take us to new heights. As a quality massage gun manufacturer, our clients keep coming back to us because we never compromise on quality.