Guangzhou Tongzhou Technology Co., Ltd


Welcome to Guangzhou Tongzhou Technology Co., Limited

Guangzhou Tongzhou Technology Co., Limited started its venture as an all-around company that deals in different commercial categories. The categories we operate in include weight loss, pet items, home appliances, massage products, IPL hair removal devices, hair styling devices, and beauty equipment.

We look forward and proceed to provide our clients with high-quality and cost-effective products for excellent personal care. We are aware that every buyer works its own plan and agenda and has various operations to look to. However, we offer solutions that help our corporate buyers and end-users eventually.

What We Offer

Following are the products that we proudly offer:

Our major commercial aim is to offer customers products that are tailor-made to match buyers’ scenarios. We aim to be a global Chinese brand for the above-mentioned products under our name. We think and act upon quality. Therefore, we always acquire specialist engineers and staff to make our journey sustainable.

Our dynamic business environment ensures focus on distinct products and verticals to offer our productivity, assistance, expertise, and high quality. We make sure to add efforts with our skills and experience and cause our company to advance and achieve our goals.